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Tree Trimming Cost

One of the easiest ways to make a property attractive, trimming shapes tree crowns, removes dead branches and opens up properties by removing excess branches. By making your home look attractive, the tree maintenance procedure helps boost the overall property value....

Tree Removal Costs

Detroit residents spend an average of $400 to $1,200 on tree removal. If you are planning to get rid of a small non-risky tree, you may be quoted $200. The tree removal cost can, however, increase to over $2000 if the tree is too big or is in a very risky situation....

Tree Pruning Cost

In Detroit, tree owners spend $75 to $2000 on tree pruning. The cost of pruning an average-sized tree is approximately $450. Most tree owners in Detroit, however, spend between $350 and $650 since most of the trees in the region fall in the small and medium-size...
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