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In Detroit, tree owners spend $75 to $2000 on tree pruning. The cost of pruning an average-sized tree is approximately $450. Most tree owners in Detroit, however, spend between $350 and $650 since most of the trees in the region fall in the small and medium-size categories.

Different tree pruners will have varying tree pruning costs, depending on the main factors they base their cost on. For this reason, getting a quote from your favorite tree pruner may be the only way to know the exact amount of money you need to set aside.

However, almost every tree pruning expert will base the tree pruning cost on the factors outlined below. Going through these factors should make it much easier for you to create an estimated budget for the tree pruning procedure.

Factors Affecting the Tree pruning Cost in Detroit

1. Tree Height

If your oak tree is 100 feet, you should expect your tree pruning cost to be higher than that of someone with a crepe myrtle shorter than 25 feet. As the height increases, climbing up the tree becomes riskier.

The size of the tree crown also affects the amount of time needed to prune a specific tree. The tallest trees tend to have bigger crowns than shorter trees.

Below, we have the cost estimates for trees of varying heights:

  • Short trees – These trees have a maximum height of 30 feet. Small trees cost $75 to $400 to prune.
  • Medium-sized trees – These trees have a height of 30 – 60 feet. Their owners spend $150 to $800 on their pruning.
  • Large trees – These trees have a height of 60 – 80 feet. These trees set back their owners $800 to $1,500 when the tree pruning time comes.
  • 80+ feet – These are the biggest trees in Detroit – they are classified in the “very large tree” category. Mature white pines and oaks fit in this category – to prune one of these trees, you should expect a quote of $1,500 to $2,000.

2. Tree Species

Hardwood trees take more time to prune because their branches require more effort, unlike the softwood branches. Tree species also has a significant effect on how tall a tree grows.

According to the tree species on your landscape, you should expect to be quoted the amounts listed below when seeking a professional tree pruner:

Avocado Tree Pruning Cost

In Detroit, 2 different varieties of avocadoes are available – you will either have the large species or the dwarf variety. Because of this variation in size, the cost of pruning avocado trees also varies significantly, with Detroit residents paying $350 – $700.

Olive Tree Pruning Cost

Olive trees require regular tree pruning to increase their productivity. If the flowering branches are covered by shade, most of the flowers fail to set, which reduces the number of oil carrying fruits. Tree pruning opens olive trees to sunlight, boosting the overall productivity. Since most olive trees fit in the medium-size category, their pruning cost sits in the range $350 to $700.

Maple Tree Pruning Cost

While most maple trees mature at heights of above 60 feet, the tree is available in a wide range of heights. These height variations put the maple tree pruning cost between $400 and $1000.

Pine Tree Pruning Cost

Pine trees grow to heights of 40 to 80 feet. However, there are exceptionals – like the white pine – which can grow to over 150 feet. For this reason, you should expect to spend $200 – $2000 on pine tree pruning.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning Cost

This is one of the smallest tree species in Detroit. Crepe myrtles are available in hedges growing to a height of 3 feet and bigger trees with a height of 30 feet. Depending on how big your crepe myrtle is, you should expect to pay $75 – $400.

Palm Tree Pruning Cost

In Detroit, palm trees are available at heights of 20 – 80 feet. On the lower end, tree pruners charge $100 to prune palm trees with heights of around 20 feet. However, as the height moves towards 80 feet, the tree pruning cost increases to $1,500.

3. Accessibility

Accessible trees can be pruned with bucket trucks. Using a bucket truck means a simpler procedure – the bucket truck takes a shorter time to reach the tree crown, holds the tree pruners safely, and enhances comfort during tree pruning. This often reduces the tree pruning cost.

In situations where a bucket truck can’t be used – for example, when the tree is standing in a packed space – a tree pruner has to climb the tree manually. This increases the time needed – this can raise the tree pruning cost by 30 to 40%.

If a tree would cost $1000 to prune with a bucket truck, you may have to pay $1,300 to $1,400 if the bucket truck cannot be used.

4. Proximity to Utilities

In Detroit, a lot of trees are growing next to powerlines, houses, garages, and other important structures. When pruning such trees, more care is needed to minimize the possibility of property damage.

Instead of letting the branches fall freely, they have to be tied with ropes during cutting and then lowered down slowly. This takes more time, forcing the professionals to raise the tree pruning cost.

5. Tree Health

Unhealthy trees often carry unstable branches. For this reason, tree pruners have to carry additional safety gear when going up the tree. When pruning an unhealthy tree, more time is needed to ensure that every problematic branch has been removed. All this creates a basis for the higher tree pruning cost charged.

After tree pruning, unhealthy trees have to be inspected by an arborist. The arborist will determine the health complication affecting the tree and the best way to treat the tree. The recommended treatment options – whether pesticides or medications – have to be purchased by the tree owner. The arborist service and the cost of the treatment options needed by the tree can add $50 – $500 to the initial cost of pruning a tree.

6. Additional Services

Several services tend to add unanticipated costs to the quoted tree pruning cost. Since different tree pruning companies will have different policies about the additional services, it is always a good idea to determine the services included in the quoted cost. This should help you avoid surprises that often arise when homeowners learn that they have to handle some services themselves or pay extra money.

The services that mostly add extra money to the quoted cost include:

Treatment Costs

If your tree is sick, expect to spend an extra $50 to $500. This will be used to pay the arborist who diagnoses your tree and to purchase medications needed for treatment.

Cleanup and Dumping

You probably do not need branches lying around on your compound. Unless you pay for the cleanup costs, you will have to spend some time handling the cleanup. The cost of cleaning compounds after tree pruning varies between $25 and $100.

Travel Fees

The only people who deal with travel fees are those that invite professionals that live too far from their homes. The average tree pruning company will have a service zone in which they prune trees without charging the travel fee.

If you live too far outside the service zone, you will be charged $0.5 per mile covered. Some tree pruners, however, prefer to charge a fixed cost of between $50 and $200.

What Determines the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Tree pruning is rarely conducted randomly. Professionals recommend waiting for the dormant stage before handling the procedure.

Pruning a tree when it is not growing actively reduces the chances of tree injury. Also, since there are no buds in the way, you avoid damaging the tree.

In Detroit, however, several factors can make random tree pruning necessary:


Winds do break branches on tree crowns. Certain pests can eat the joint between branches and the tree trunk. This makes the branches very risky, and if ignored, they may fall on your home causing damage. For this reason, tree pruning has to be conducted immediately if the safety of a tree is in question.

Tree Health

Tree pruning gets rid of diseases and pests by removing all the infected branches. Since waiting for the dormant stage could give the health problems time to spread, immediate tree pruning is generally the best option.

Property Value Improvement

If you are planning to sell a property, pruning the trees on it could facilitate value improvement. The need for value addition could make tree pruning necessary before the plant enters its dormant stage.

How to Save Money on Pruning

It is possible to reduce the amount of money you spend on tree pruning:

  • Instead of paying professionals to prune small, non-risky trees, use your free time to prune them.
  • Use all possible options to improve your tree health – this means zero treatment costs during tree pruning.
  • Ask for several quotations and compare the prices offered by various tree pruners. Choose a company offering quality services at an affordable price.
  • Hire tree pruners during the off-season to enjoy a lower price.
  • Let power companies prune trees near power lines for free. The companies prune the trees to boost safety.
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