Tree Removal Costs

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Detroit residents spend an average of $400 to $1,200 on tree removal. If you are planning to get rid of a small non-risky tree, you may be quoted $200. The tree removal cost can, however, increase to over $2000 if the tree is too big or is in a very risky situation. Most property owners, however, spend approximately $750 on the removal of average-sized trees.

A combination of factors generally plays a key role when it comes to determining the cost of removing a tree. For example, in Detroit, the tree removal cost generally increases with the tree height, with the price being $8 to $15 per foot. In this detailed guide, we will show you the major factors that affect the cost of removing a tree.

Factors Affecting the Tree Removal Cost in Detroit

1. Tree Size

The tree removal process is generally affected by both diameter and height. Taller trees often have bigger trunk diameters – this generally makes them extremely heavy. For this reason, the removal of the biggest trees generally requires heavy machinery – in some cases, the tree owners are required to hire a crane.

The removal of a small tree can be managed by normal tree removal gear. Since the tree owner doesn’t have to spend his/her money on additional machinery, the tree removal cost is generally lower for small trees.

It is also worth noting that the time factor depends on how big a tree is. While trees with a height of under 30 feet can be removed within a couple of hours, trees taller than 150 feet may take days to remove. The time needed to remove a specific tree will also increase the amount you pay for the procedure.

Small Tree Removal Cost

People with trees under 30 feet enjoy the lowest tree removal cost. The small trees generally feature the smallest diameters and their weight is manageable with the common tree removal machines.

All this reduces the effort and time required, with most professionals completing the procedure in just a couple of hours. To get rid of California juniper, magnolia, Japanese maple, crepe myrtle, dogwood and other small trees, be prepared to spend $150 – $400.

Medium Tree Removal Cost

Crab apples, copper wood, and red maple generally grow to heights of 30 to 60 feet. The trees have a trunk diameter of 15 to 19 inches. This places these trees in the medium-sized category.

Depending on how experienced your tree removal team is, you should expect the medium tree removal to take between 4 and 8 hours. For this procedure, you will need to pay $450 to $700.

Large Tree Removal Cost

Large trees carry a height of between 60 and 100 feet and have a trunk diameter of more than 20 inches. In Detroit, some of the trees that fit in this category include some maples, large varieties of red oak, conifer, and sycamore.

Most large trees will require an average of a day to get rid of. If, however, the team you are working with is less experienced, the procedure may take several days. The tree removal cost ranges between $900 and $1,200.

Very Large Tree Removal Cost

Trees like white pine, eucalyptus, palm, and sequoia generally grow to heights of above 100 feet. Most of these trees will have trunk diameters of more than 24 inches. Even with the most advanced gear and an experienced team, the removal of very large trees can easily take multiple days – the entire procedure could cost you between $1,300 and $2000.

2. Crane-Assisted Removal

If a tree is too heavy, it may need a crane to manage its removal. Also, trees in risky situations – for example, if a tree is leaning in the wrong direction – may need a crane to pull them in the right direction, keeping them from falling on important structures.

In Detroit, very few tree service providers own powerful cranes. For this reason, the tree owners are often required to rent cranes. On average, cranes cost $200 – $600 per day plus an additional $50 to $100 to pay the operator.

Let’s take an example of a homeowner removing a 150 feet white pine. If a crane is not needed, the total cost might be $2000. However, if a crane is needed and you end up renting it for a total of $600, including the operator’s fee, the total cost of removing the white pine will be $2,600.

3. Tree Species

Tree species affects a large number of variables, which in turn affect how complicated the tree removal will be. Trees of varying species will have different wood hardness, height, and trunk diameter.

While sequoia can grow to a height of above 100 feet and have a trunk diameter of more than 24 inches, California juniper will only grow to 30 feet and have a diameter of fewer than 15 inches. The cost of removing the two trees will be different, with property owners who have California junipers spending much less than those with sequoias.

Below, we will take a deeper look at the tree removal costs to expect for different tree species:

Oak Tree Removal Cost

In Detroit, oak trees grow to heights of between 60 and 100 feet. If your oak tree has a height of between 30 and 80 feet, you may be charged $200 to $800. However, if your oak tree has a height of between 80 and 100 feet, the tree removal cost will increase to $800 – $1000.

Magnolia Tree Removal Cost

Magnolias rarely grow above 30 feet. The trees are extremely easy to remove, with professionals taking 1 to 2 hours to complete the removal. Magnolia tree removal cost ranges between $375 and $500.

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost

At maturity, sycamores rarely fall below 30 feet. They, however, are generally shorter than 60 feet. Depending on how tall your sycamore is, you should expect a tree removal cost of between $600 and $900.

Pine Tree Removal

At maturity, pine trees are taller than 80 feet. Depending on where your tree is in its growth, you will pay about $200 to $1500 to remove it. It is, however, worth noting that some pine trees have a height of above 150 feet – these can cost as high as $2000 to get rid of.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The height is a crucial factor when it comes to palm tree removal. Small palm trees will cost between $250 and $600. The bigger palms, however, can cost over $1,200 to remove.

4. Tree Condition

Several conditions often affect trees in Detroit. These conditions can affect the amount you spend on tree removal – if the condition makes the removal process easier, the tree removal cost will be lower. In the event the conditions bring about more complications, you should expect to spend more money on tree removal:

  • Dead Trees – Dead trees are generally much lighter compared to their live versions. This makes the removal process much easier. Depending on how hard the tree’s wood is, you should expect to spend $75 to $400 on dead tree removal.
  • Fallen trees – If your tree has fallen on open ground, its removal will be extremely easy. This will place the tree removal cost between $75 and $150. However, if the tree has fallen on a sensitive structure, more work will be needed to get rid of the tree without property damage. This can raise the amount you end up spending.
  • Decay and cavities – These are an indicator that the tree has significant stability problems. Stabilization is often needed to keep the tree from falling unexpectedly. This often raises the tree removal cost.
  • Weak branches – Trying to remove a tree with weak branches increases the chances of injuries as the limbs could fall unexpectedly. To avoid this problem, tree pruning – which increases the overall cost – has to be conducted ahead of the tree removal.
  • Significant lean – Slight leans are not a problem – the tree removal can be handled normally. The problem is trees with significant leans. These often require additional machines for the removal to be safe.

5. Additional Services

Several additional services often cost homeowners some extra money. The services include:

Tree Chipping

This procedure costs $50 – $100. It is conducted to facilitate trunk removal from properties.

Wood Splitting

Some homeowners in Detroit do have fireplaces. If you would like your tree to be converted into firewood, you can invest $50 to $100 in wood splitting.

Travel Fees

If the tree removal professionals do not have you in their service zone, they may charge you $0.5 per mile. This can add up to $50 – $200.

Permit and Licenses

These are needed when removing trees taller than 10 feet. They can set you back $60 – $150.

Stump Removal Cost

If you would like the tree stump to be removed, you should expect the following costs:

  • Per stump – The first stump will cost you $150. The remaining stumps may be charged $50 each.
  • Per hour cost – Professionals generally charge $150 per hour.
  • Per diameter inch – Each diameter inch will cost $2 to $3. However, a minimum cost of $100 is often charged.
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